Rensa Engine for Videogame Assembly

The REVA development toolset allows content creators to build and license user-generated content (“UGC”) in a game environment.

These digital assets can include characters, items, environments, sound effects, and more. Every piece of content has an associated asset license token generated through Rensa Games, which tracks royalties for its use.

We estimate REVA will launch into private Alpha around Q3 2023.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Content creators, developers, players, modders, patrons, and even established large studios. Anyone who wants to build and play can participate in REVA.

How does it work?

The world’s most popular games give players the power to build and share content. Users want to build, but most blockchain games focus on speculative assets. With REVA, if you can play a game, you can make a game.

REVA is the sum of our pre-existing parts. It links the Asset Store with a game development environment which can be used to publish games to the Rensa Game Store. The platform will read your wallet for asset license tokens you have purchased, and populate these assets into the development environment. If you publish a game using these assets, royalties will automatically be paid to the creator licensors.