Purchasing an Asset

Purchasing an Asset

Connect your digital wallet to Rensa Games by clicking the Connect button on the top right of the screen.

Connecting to Rensa Games via digital wallet.

Next, you’ll need to make sure you have some funds in your wallet. For now, we accept payments in ETH (native Ethereum cryptocurrency) and MATIC (native Polygon cryptocurrency), depending on which blockchain network the asset is uploaded on.

You may be able to purchase ETH or MATIC directly through your digital wallet or through an exchange like Coinbase, Gemini, or Kraken. Please note that these are third-party services not maintained by Rensa Games.

Once you have funds in your wallet, navigate to the Marketplace, and click on the asset you want to buy.

Navigating to asset purchase.

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet to buy the game and pay for gas. Click the Buy asset button, then agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Accepting our EULA.

You’ll be prompted by your digital wallet to sign the transaction. Do so, and wait a moment while the blockchain processes the transaction. You will receive a notification when it’s complete, enabling you to use the asset.

Signing transaction.

Confirm Purchase

While your transaction is processing, a pop-up will appear with a link to the Etherscan or Polygonscan block explorer. You can review the progress of your transaction on that site, or wait for confirmation from Rensa Games.

You can see the token moving into your wallet on these sites. The payment split to the Studio is visible on this page as well.

Block explorer details for asset purchase.

Using Assets

Currently, certain assets like sprite sheets can be downloaded from the platform for use in games. Moving forward, assets will not be able to be removed from the platform to maintain royalty flow through game sales on REVA.

For other types of assets, like music and comics, the Marketplace will launch a music player or reader on the platform similar to the game player.

Asset Resales

Any exchange that supports ERC-1155 tokens can be used to trade ALTs, such as OpenSea. However, these platforms are third parties that are not affiliated in any way with Rensa Games.

While a resale marketplace is not included in our Public Alpha, future ALTs will be coded to pay royalties any time they are traded, including a royalty to the original creator(s) and a transaction fee to Rensa Games. So regardless of where they are sold a second or third time, developers and content creators are still getting paid.